The Joy Dare | Day 1

Starting today, I am taking the Joy Dare in an attempt to escape the daily drudgery of negativity that so often surrounds us and remember that life is actually one beautiful and amazing gift. To focus outside of myself and on to what is truly sublime and wonderful about this life. To practice living in Grace. To exercise a joyful heart. To be thankful. The goal is to count 1,000 gifts. Join me?

(A few days late to the party, so to this is my list for July 1 – 3.)

3 gifts loved:

  1. The sweetest and most tender nephew.
  2. A sweet friend who loves me just how I am.
  3. Quiet moments of relaxation at home.

3 gifts read:

  1. 2 thought-provoking articles that stretch my views on a particular subject. (bikinis, anyone?)
  2. A sweet story about a precious blind kitten named Fred.
  3. Silly conversations with my best that brighten my day.

A gift in faith, family, freedom:

  1. My family members get to be my best friends.




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