Meet Paisley!

Meet my sweet Paisley. She’s the newest Korat baby in our little family. Since Madden died, it was decided that these kittens really do do better in pairs. So when an opportunity came up with the breeder to let miss Paisley join our clan, we decided to meet her. Even though I was nervous about the timing and a little skeptical about adding a new kitten so soon, I couldn’t even stand not bringing her home with us.

So we told our breeder we were coming back for Paisley that night and brought her home.

I had thought she was going to be a lot like Madden when we brought her home which I thought would be comforting. But, as it turns out, she is NOTHING like sweet Maddie. She is crazy but loving, extra curious, confident, and very social. But gosh… so perfectly Paisley.

She has adjusted so much better than I expected and Finley is coming around so quickly and warming up to Paisley. So proud of both of them! Here are some pictures of our newest girl.

Sweet girl, I know Madden sent you just for me and Fin… you are a joy in this home.



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